Mandek Penha – When I Touch My Leg


A glimmering candidate for the weirdest and most original music/performance in Australia, Melbourne’s Mandek Penha has released a new track aptly titled, When I Touch My Leg.

To say that Mandek Penha is a ‘musician’ is a misnomer — even though he does create and record all the music himself — because the music is only one part of the wider, weirder whole. In actuality, Mandek Penha is closer to a cult than a musical outfit.

When I Touch My Leg – Mandek Penha

Mandek Penha barely plays any shows, so catching one is hard to come by. If you are lucky enough, however, this is what you can expect to see.

mandek 3

mandek 1

mandek tv

mandek 4

After this show, Mandek Penha said on Facebook, “Although much glass ended up inside The Current Earthly Embodiment’s foot; he is happy that he managed to make his point to make us all safer from Hidden Negative Energy!”

mandek foot

To maintain the world that Mandek Penha promulgates requires a kind of commitment rarely executed by artists in Australia, or anywhere in the world.

Watch the clip for Mandek Penha’s previous single Men Teach the Boiz (Gurlz Kiss The Boiz), here.

Relish in irregularity with the EP, Our Future: The Next Earthly Embodiment by Mandek Penha.

Words by Iain Excellent


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