Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy

touch sensitive

Ok guys, I can confidently say we have a (future) Classic on our hands… sorry I couldn’t help myself. Throw on your retro shoes, gather your hipster chums and shoulder shrug your way through Pizza Guy, the much anticipated follow up of Touch Sensitive’s first EP.

The build-up is immense. Beginning with the a light rain of slowed groove, Pizza Guy suspends for a good 1:15, teasing you with tiptoeing electro-pop before eventually busting out with a thick tremoring bassline. Thankfully the drop isn’t too brutal as it allows for a smoother, mellowed listen for the rest of the song.

This Nu-Disco treat is brought to you by Sydney based producer, Michael Di Fraceso, who is also known for his work on guitar / synth / general amazingness with Van She. The track is available on Beatport here or you can order it on vinyl and Future Classic will deliver it in a pizza box.

Words By – Connor Mackay

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