TOTAL GIOVANNI – Can’t Control My Love

total gio

Gahhhhhh — how haven’t we covered these guys yet??

Total Giovanni, a five-piece disco/funk/yacht rock band from Melbourne luminary label Two Bright Lakes (Collarbones, Oscar Key Sung, Banoffee, The Harpoons, Sui Zhen, the list goes on), have been one of the best live Aussie acts of 2014. Total Giovanni is that feeling when you notice that the party you’re at has just kicked up a notch.

Having already been invited to Dark Mofo this year, Tasmania’s zaniest festival, these guys clearly have something going on. Onwards and upwards, boys!

Catch their single launch for Can’t Control My Love at Shebeen in Melbourne, 20 December with I/O and DJ La Pocock.

Words by Iain Excellent

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