Tincture – Threnody


FYI: A threnody is a song, poem or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.

Kind of morbid. Other than that though it’s the title of a track from Tincture, and, another solid reminder that the musical terrain of Australia is in a state of flux.

Threnody is multi dimensional electronica at its best. Injected with a smattering of percussion, ominous rolling bass and glitchy vocals it expertly smudges the stylistic boundaries of music, pushing it into that hazy world of genre ambiguity.

Tincture is Luke Dalton, a 23 year old producer from Brisbane, who, despite his young age clearly possesses an aptitude for producing music that is richly dynamic, sophisticated and audibly lush.

You can download his tunes for free via Triple J Unearthed here.


Words – The Other Jess

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  1. Them&Us says:

    This is awesommmme, .. hooked! great work guys!

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