The Postal Service – A Tattered Line of String


I would call a ten-year gap between songs significant, especially when that last release was your debut record, but whatevs The Postal Service, no delivery jokes here!

Barely a peep, probably due to vocalist Ben Gibbard being busy with his other band Death Cab for Cutie, and then last month this American synth pop duo announce a Coachella reunion gig and subsequent tour and now this.

A Tattered Line of String is one of two new tracks to appear on an upcoming reissue of their debut album Give Up, and this familiar (to previous Postal Service or Pet Shop Boys?) number will slide neatly alongside the original album songs.  The fast backing beat and multi-layered synth compositions are so upbeat, you almost want to don a cheesy smile and jazz hands.

The Give Up reissue is available on April 8 through Sub Pop.

Words by Katie Mayors

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