The Kokoro – Broken

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If Die Antwoord went to a sordid sex club, took Poliça’s vocoder with them and then highjacked a trap-fuelled dance floor…

As a naive teenager I went to Ibiza in the mid 90s (before I’d ever taken ecstasy) and hit up the Murder The The Manumission Motel. Thoroughly confused by the girls peeling potatoes in swimming pools, people carrying suitcases with human legs sprouting from the sides, and other mayhem designed for people on mind altering drugs, it was the video on the huge screens that stuck with me the most: slightly demonic girls who were also confusingly sexy taking showers in run down buildings…. which goes some way to explain why this track from The Kokoro gave me some weird flashbacks.

This delightfully disturbing video is part of an ambitious project from the warped minds of Lee Triffon and producer Dan Farber who clearly make music for your eyes as well as your ears.  Lee (she’s a girl) is the force behind the creative concept: she is a woman with drive and ideas, and who frankly doesn’t give a fuck about what people think of her. She’d probably have fun at at a wardrobe swapsie party with Lady GaGa.

It’s impossible not to see some similarities with the outrageousness of Die Antwoord here – there aren’t many acts who make videos like this. Which is why the crazy video for Broken should rack up some considerable attention on youtube.

The Kokoro’s aptly titled album Demons will be out later this year.

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