SOHN – Lessons

s o h n

Definitely one of the most exciting artists of the past year, S O H N’s epic but morbid track The Wheel, has been remixed by a shit load of cool artists and he’s been involved in other side projects.

Lessons is brand new material and, well, it’s pretty much going to blow you away. Not only does this guy have an unmistakable voice, but the production is instantly recognisable too – see recent Banks track.

He’s built a reputation around his evocative vocals and lyrics, his use of analogue, incredibly deep synths and with each release he delves deeper into his production styles. Lessons, is an emotional struggle between words and a powerful, rolling synth; you’re pulled into S O H N’s world utterly and completely. It’s profound stuff.

He’s on tour around Europe and America soon – don’t miss out.

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