Sleep Makes Waves – Voices in the Forest (Klue remix)


Legend has it that deep within the tropical jungle of some distant shores, beyond the places explored by the most intrepid, thrill seeking backpackers, is a very sacred place; but not in the religious sense. The Jungle Party. Beats blare out of caves, bass makes the forest floor shudder, and animals get on their hind legs and party as hard as us homosapiens. Monkeys swing from bungie jumps made from twine screeching in delight, parrots flap their colourful wings in time to the riddims. It’s a jolly affair.

The only trace of human activity is this remix from Sydney boy, Klue, who’s part of the Big Village party crew and label. Believe it or not, this funked up track started off as prog-rock. Now it’s bringing the party on a massive scale with broken beats, catchy synths and a vibe happier than a pack of hyenas.


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