Sibot – Magnet Jam


Listening to Magnet Jam is like producing a treasure box full of rainbow crayons, sparkle pens and bubble guns at a ketamine party; sheer chaos. The spectrum of fantastically fucked up sounds and slanted scenarios that run through your mind as you are enveloped by the griminess of the baseline are incoherently boundless. One minute you’re face to face with a malevolent, grinning joker shuffling a deck of cards, the next you’re watching a cheeky kid running along a wall of chicks booty’s slapping them with a paddle.

Magnet Jam is the brainchild of South African producer, Sibot, who (not surprisingly) is a member of the Mad Decent family.  Well known for rounding up the black sheep of the music world, Mad Decent are pegged for hosting sounds that are illogical, unique and warped far beyond the benchmark of sanity.

With absolutely no regard for the boundaries that exist within or between conventional music genres Sibot haphazardly smears and stretches some of the most quirkily, disconnected sounds across the backdrop of a filthy, deep, putridly dirty bass line.  With one finger jammed in the sticky Electronica pie and the rest flirting with African Bass, Glitch Hop, Funk , Zef, and Trap Sibot’s messy creativity deserves a genre of his own. Best served up at a tranq-happy-sideways party with a side dish of stars Sibot’s tunes can only be categorized as ‘tranq-tronica’.

Magnet Jam is from the recently released EP of the same name and you can download all 3 of the fucked-out-robot-dancing-top-hat-wearing-orange-ninja turtle style tracks for free. Here.

Words – The Other Jess

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