Say Lou Lou – Fool Of Me Ft Chet Faker

lou lou

Of course Chet Faker was going to end up singing with some seriously hot women. As sure as hangovers follow messy nights out.

Say Lou Lou (they used to go by Saint Lou Lou) teamed those crazy high cheek bones and ridiculously sexy legs up with The Beard and have come up with this. Fool Of Me, everything you would expect to be considering it’s genetic make up. Yes it’s sexy, but it goes deeper than just the physical stuff. (Remember sex doesn’t equal love right!?)

Smooth sounds coupled with lyrics that touch on the notion of shame; we all feel it, but hate discussing it. ‘You made a fool of me, lover. How dare you.’ Loaded angry words, sung in the angelic voices of the Kilbey sisters, make for a stark contrast of emotions that will have you reaching for the, um, repeat button.

This track is available on Say Lou Lou’s EP that was released on May 3 – buy it here.


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