Roleo – Binge Beats Vol.2


My tail is wagging like a puppy full of preservatives and e-numbers ‘cos the new edition of Roleo’s Binge Beats is out!  It’s been a long wait since we heard the wobble-tastic vibes of Sydney State of Mind, but it’s finally here – so jam up your speakers with more stumbling beats and breaks.

Binge Beats Vol 2 is as much an accolade to Roleo’s creativity as a producer as it an ode to his love for making people want to move their limbs in an I-don’t-give-a-fuck kind of way. A profusion of dark hip-hop beats, bouncy summer vibes and twisted gurn-face material; there’s certainly a high risk of overindulgence here. And I’m going to have dessert too.

The stripped back nature of Berlin, No Sleep, tells it as it is. Dance bitches, because dawn doesn’t mean bed time in this town. That Man, brings the sexy vibe, while Squabbletron is a jittery 8-bit warm up to massive Sydney State of Mind.

Out via The Frequency Lab, you can pick this up for a name-your-price download.




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