Poliça – Tiff (feat. Justin Vernon)


I’m going to point out for you one of the (obvious) highlights of every music festival. It happens at them all (at least for your sake I hope it does). And it wakes you up.

It’s the surprise act.

The one that you had maybe heard vaguely before, or at least heard of; that band or musician that stumped you when they were suddenly commanding your attention on an open stage.  It usually happens when you have lost your friends, or when there’s a lull in your band schedule so you tag along with a mate. We’ve all discover many bands this way.

At St Jerome’s Laneway Festival this year, that band for me was Poliça. Maybe it was her cool oval arm tattoo that caught my attention, or the double drummer phenomenon I’m somewhat fascinated with. Either way it was the added synth to Channy Leaneagh’s svelte voice that won me over. I wanted to close my eyes and dive into the music. Or perhaps cut my hair like a pixie and join a band. Whatever it was, post-festival I listened to debut album Give You the Ghost on repeat for weeks. That autotune could be used for purposes of good rather than just dispelling evil was somewhat of a revelation.

So news of a new track is a welcome treat, and Tiff comes with a surprise addition to my surprise act – a cool collaboration with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, and one that seemingly hides away until later in the track. The song finds its slowish synth-led rhythm with an impacting drumbeat over a subtle but adventurous bass-line. But when Vernon chimes in also under the hypnotic influence of autotune, the song becomes layered with the vocals and a tribal-esque drum eruption.

The one-off single is set for release on June 10.

Words by Katie Mayors

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