Pimpsoul ft Alaska MC – Bang Your Head

bang your head

Alright party people, here’s some funky-ass beats to shake up your Wednesday. Time To Bang Your Head, a voluntary slave to the riddim, is a nasty dance floor number perfect for invoking your inner gangsta. Double guns and rude boi skank galore! Anything that bounces this much, cannot be taken too seriously ‘cos it’s too much fun. Hence the nods to the Churchill dog - oooooo yes – in the video clip. Put simply, a night out with UK beat-boy Pimpsoul is reFUNKulous – and I speak from experience. Only the loosest need apply!

Download Bang Your Head here.

One Response to “Pimpsoul ft Alaska MC – Bang Your Head”

  1. AlaskaMC says:

    Feeling that Basshead LuV! Steady ON!
    More FûnLife 4 us ALL!

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