Pangaea – Game


Most of Pangaea’s tunes feel like they should be featured on the sound track to a ghost train or an excursion to the depths of hell, they prowl around dark crevices and corners stopping only to reverberate through your skull and leave your brain a little on the fuzzy side. Game, is no exception but anything that’s rammed full of bass and features a noise that even slightly resembles a cowbell is ok by me.

Pangaea, aka Kevin McAuley is the sub-founder of British based, Hessle Audio, a label that celebrates all things deep progressive dance and dark, spooky bass. Release is Pangaea’s most recent double EP release and, of all (very heavy) eight tracks Game is probably the most user friendly. Ironically though McAuley asserts Game as the statement piece of the EP, allowing it  to make commentary about the state of the music ‘game’.  As such Pangaea skilfully winds a sample of Missy Elliott’s, Work It around and through his track; letting it unravel enough to compliment his slightly psychedelic very sub-bass inclined beats.

The result is an oddly curious mix of deep bass with popular hip hop, Game pushes Pangaea’s tunes into the sphere of the unknown, where beats are individual yet elastic, Hip Hop marries then divorces sub bass and psychedelic sounds shake hands with wobbly dub.

Download Release here.

Words – The Other Jess

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