Ookay & Pyramid Juke – Yen (Ralph Dagza Remix)


Did you ever belt every single pot and pan in the pantry when you were a kid? Yeh? Well Ralph Dagza’s remix of Yen reminds me of that.

The track, originally produced by Ookay & Pyramid Juke is eccentric, eclectic back room business at its best. Ticking boxes of genres from every which way Yen rolls through a full spectrum of sounds; Trap, Bass, Moombahton, Electro, Dubstep and NU disco.

Dagza’s own creative imput to the track is  an unstable wavering tempo, some hazy, old, David Attenborough-esque record samples and the resonating pots n pans. The result is a deep, jaunty grind of sonically patch work sound that oozes a surprisingly acid house vibe.

Oh. And lets not pretend that the ‘thats what she said’ vocals aren’t the cherry on top.

 Words – The Other Jess

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