Native Tongue – Suko


Native Tongue are speaking my kind of language. In their latest single, they invite you to wallow a little in the puddles of your mind – we all need a bit of reflection sometimes.  Suko opens its doors and lets you into the darkness, but forbids you to go too deep. The guitars may be loaded with emotion, but the beat goes on…

Written in a key for self exploration, listening is a cathartic process. Once it’s picked up speed, all the negative shit is driven from your brain and the only thing that matters is the music. Lead singer Kevin, seems to have a adopted a more melodic way of projecting his voice – and it’s really working for him. Their new EP is out in July, and a pretty sexy cover is on its way next week.

Watching Suko live, you’d find it hard to dance with your eyes open.  Test my theory and catch Native Tongue live in London on May 2nd.  

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