Mzwetwo – Michael Jackson


If you were to judge Michael Jackson by its sonic book cover you’d probably be visually swamped by dark and hazily haphazard images. A dimly lit room, a poker game, nefarious figures moving with swagger, curled lips, raised eyebrows and tension hanging thickly overhead.

Across all of his tracks Mzwetwo’s signature sound is heavily ambiguous, it bends from depth to depth via abrupt, sharply enunciated vocals, ubiquitous bass and a kind of hazy lo fi charm that prevents it from being categorized by genre.

Despite first impressions though, I’d Go Back On My Heart is neither malevolent or malicious. Maybe just a little bit masochistic. The 19 year old, NZ based Mzwetwo (pronounced Mz-way-two) is actually using this track to to portay his disenchantment with love, and how stupidly it makes us behave.

Case in point: Never judge a book by its cover.

You can download Mzwetwo’s mesmerizingly deeper than thou EP, Gallantino here. Free!

Words – The Other Jess

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