Mø at SxSW


A svelte little chick going by the name of blew my tiny little mind at SxSW this year. She took the stage at the Indie Shuffle // All Things Go like a musical whirlwind, spitting out attitude, and great big chunks of talent as she span in all directions. The crowd, covered in flecks of her outburst were in physical awe and in danger of being swept away.

Who the hell is this chick? Most probably the Grimes of 2013. She’s certainly got a unique sound, and that ballsy, I-don’t-give-a-fuck persuasion that women in music seem to need to succeed. She’s from Copenhagen, and is bringin’ that Scandinavian sound better than any of her peers right now.

Just as the title suggests, Glass is all sparkles and sharp bits and little shards of high pitched vocals that threaten to smash mirrors and crystal in dramatic slow motion. The oriental bow of a geisha girl laid over some western high hats and drums makes this a truly stand out track.

You have to see this girl live…


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