Mildlife – Be More Pacific


Most good-looking people fall into two categories: those who know they’re good-looking, and those that don’t.

Those that do know tend to act with an air of superiority and dickheadry (yes, I just made up that word) over others that corrodes their overall attractiveness.

Those that don’t know, but are in fact good-looking, are rare indeed.

Mildlife is definitely in the latter category. This 4-piece psych-electronic band from Melbourne barely plays any shows — it’s as if they don’t realise how amazing they actually sound. But when they do play live, you know it’s time to WIGGLE YOUR BUTTS like a BUSY BEE.

You can download their singles from Bandcamp for free. Listen to them. Relish them. And tell them to play more live shows, damn it.

Words by Iain Excellent



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