LeBreton – Eve


Eve, makes me think of naughty plumbers at work…tapping their metal pipes together, bouncing washers off tile floors occasionally and crawling through silver tunnels cased in darkness.  The sounds echo through the metal and earth, reverberating and vibrating to create the weighty hex of Eve’s bass line. Peppered with groaning vocals, meatily warped synths and intermittent piano keys the track exudes a definite underground basement vibe.

LeBreton is a relatively fresh producer out of the UK whose talent has seen him added to the Blood Music record label after being recognised by house heavyweight Fake Blood. With a sound that oozes a bold, casual sexiness and innovatively blurs the lines between deep house, bass, disco and techno that’s really no surprise.

Oh, and did I mention that its dripping with a fluidity that’s sexy as fuck?

Download LeBreton’s mixes and get deep with plumber house. Here.

Words – The Other Jess

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