Le Brond – 1977


With a sound that is the polar opposite of anything Australia recognises as dance, techno or house it’s not a surprise that Le Brond is considered a little bit of a mystery on our shores. Despite the fact that Le Brond (aka Brendan Cassidy) is actually a Sydney boy his music sounds undeniably European. As if thats not enough to make my pants tingle, it’s all perfectly timed, deep techno; light and minimal to start and progressively building until it eventually lifts into a final climax of sound.

Gloriously smooth and uncomplicated, 1977 (one of Le Brond’s sample DJ sets) conjures up hazy flashbacks of underground cave-like clubs in Berlin or Sunday afternoon pool parties in Barcelona where clothing is sparse and sunglasses are a pre-requisite to hide saucer sized pupils. Favouring minimal beats and bassy, circling synths Le Brond’s music is significantly unfussy and un-frenzied, affirming him as the Australian poster boy for deconstructed techno.

Fortunately for all of us, despite his general elusiveness in Australia due to his high demand in  European clubs Le Brond is here to teach Sydney siders that simplicity is downright sexy. Catch him in Sydney at Field day on January 1st.

Words – The Other Jess

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