Koloto – Antares


Koloto (aka Maria Sulliavan of South East England) is the princess of glitch, and she has an imagination of untamed but beautifully groomed proportions.  Her music speaks in voices of multiple, fantastical characters, in both charming and twisted languages. What strikes hardest in the tale of Antares, is the  juxtaposition of frenetic drum manipulation and peaceful xylophones. It is a reminder that where there is serenity, there is also chaos, and that the two can coexist.

True, glithy beats are nothing new, but Koloto has managed to produce a signature sound in a saturated world. You can hear the delicate femininity entwined in the layers of her music, like wafts of perfume coming from a girl in front of you on a windy day. Her soundcloud tells stories of fairytale melodies, and enchanting beat work. She’s onto something here so the boys of producer-world better make some room, because this is a girl who most definitely does not need saving.

Download Koloto’s stuff from soundcloud.


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