Kaisun – Calibrator


Kaisun, you cunning little Aussie bugger. Fancy having the foresight of splashing your deep beats with some disco colours!? If giving deep house and techno a smiley face was your plan, then I think it’s safe to say mission accomplished.

Calibrator, is rather special. Nearly 2 minutes in to what you think is nice dirty bit of dance floor mayhem, things take an unexpected turne. A finger is gingerly dipped into the funk pot. Oh, that’s what a guitar riff tastes like? Ohhh I like it! Ok, let’s go for full body disco immersion. By 3.30 you’ll be strutting your funky stuff, covered in sequins and sporting an afro,  wondering how you just time travelled to the 70s. The perfectly placed vocal samples add to the ridiculously infectious nature of Calibrator. Disco meets techno, and it’s love on the dance floor.

Nice one Kaisun. I can’t stop shakin’ my ass. This is genre mash-ups at it’s best!

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