Indian Wells – Wimbledon 1980


I was really wondering who’d spiked my Berocca this morning when I first listened to this track. Turns out I wasn’t hallucinating and it does have the sound of a tennis match being played through out it. In fact, the commentary of the 1980 Wimbledon tie-breaker match between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg echoes throughout the whole thing, accompanying a beat that mimics the sound of a racquet belting a tennis ball.

Describing his music as ‘Tennistronic’ Indian Wells is an Italian based producer who, I’m assuming is the leader of some sort of elusive and elitist tennis-fetishist society. His EP, Night Drops, under Bad Panda Records, is littered with tennis references and supports his unique approach to creating music which eloquently captures and re-lives moments through sound.

The more I listened to Wimbledon 1980 the harder it became to ignore. Aside from the fact that it is utterly bizarre it is also truly special and Indian Wells has managed to construct a track which frames, musically, a moment in time as much as it purveys a mood and champions a sound.

Lazily flung under the Minimal umbrella Wimbledon 1980 is better classified as Drone with its looping tonal clusters and slow, sustained progression. The noise of a fuzzy tennis ball ricocheting around a tennis court remains the consistent beat throughout, as does the subtle game commentary. From there the track progressively builds as a heavily wonky, slightly futuristic synth is added and a weighty bass line slides in, giving the song its final moments of intensity as these 4 main elements of sound run harmoniously alongside one another.

Explore Tennistronic via Bad Panda Records, Here.

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