Forces – Overland (In My Mind)


Remember when the first Matrix came out and suddenly any music that sounded faintly industrial, dramatic and sinister became sexy? Well Overland reminds me of that.  Industrial electronica at its best, the track is a slithery mood board of sounds and images inspired by Hellfire clubs, Rammstein, chains & leather and inner malevolence. Provocative, dark and slighting perturbing Overland sounds like molten, fiery rocks being maliciously spat out into the stark atmosphere.

It’s a sound that comes from that elusive musical melting pot that, of late, Australian producers are thrusting their fists deep into, only to pull them out laden with meaty, solid techno and electronica. Hopefully that pot keeps bubbling away and Australians can more consistently have access to that dirty techno feed that we so crave.

Not surprisingly Overland is remixed by Aussie electronica heavy weight Kim Moyes from The Presets. Forces is made up of Alexander Karl Akers & Thomas Kernot from Melbourne who produce under Siberia Records.  You can download the self titled EP via bandcamp here.

Words – The Other Jess

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