Emoh Instead – Why Can’t You (Say So…)


After a week of immersion in a fictional book with themes involving quantum physics (stay with me), I think I’ve found the perfect track to prove the ‘two places at once’ theory.

One track - Why Can’t You – by one artist - Emoh Instead – but the vocals and beats move differently. They’re from opposing places but somehow they compliment each other in some kind of cosmic union. (A cosmic union of idiosyncratic warbling bass that is)

Anyway, enough sciencey shit. Turn it up

Emoh Instead is an aussie producer. Hardly surprising considering his forward-thinking, abstract style. With training from the ‘master Stretos’, Flume, this is a producer ready to take on the world and show us what tomorrow sounds like.

His EP, Say So, is out today via the very excellent label, Sweat It Out.

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