Digital Farm Animals – Adore You


If your flying dreams had a soundtrack…

London producer, Digital Farm Animals burst into the airwaves announcing that not only does he love the 80s revival thang, but he understands how to connect with listeners who want eurphoria from their tunage. The steady beat of Adore You reassures you as it carries you so high the city is but a speck beneath your floating feet. The vocals of soul singer Ofei fit the vibe of track perfectly, and when the chorus sees a digital tweak take his voice a few octaves higher, you’ll be doing black flips above the clouds.

This is 2013’s Midnight City; I reckon M83 would be proud to have held influence over such a promising new artist.

Adore You is right up there in our favourite tracks of the year and we cannot wait for the rest of the EP. Bugged Out is due on August 26. CAN’T WAIT!

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