De̊ǰa – Infinite Ecstatic EP

deja ep 2

If there’s anyone more deserving of credit for making fresh, A-grade pop music, it’s De̊ǰa.

Two EPs in — the second, their new release, Infinite Ecstatic — the two-piece have released some seriously powerful future-electro-pop songs that no-one really seems to have noticed. Furthermore, when the two-piece play, they play hard, whether or not there are people in the crowd.


There have been two instances where I have seen De̊ǰa play shows to a small crowd, and they simply didn’t give a shit; they gave it everything they motherfucking had. This band commands respect and they certainly get it from me.

So this is to the big music people who make the big music decisions: De̊ǰa is a golden egg; they make strong singles; they are ravenous for larger pastures; and they bleed for their audience. Goddamnit, give De̊ǰa the recognition they deserve.

De̊ǰa are currently touring Australia. Tour info below.

Purchase their new EP, Infinite Ecstatic, here.

Download their new single, Sirens, for free, at JJJ Unearthed.

Get their first EP, Make Light, for free here (it’s fucking great).

Words by Iain Excellent

deja 2


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