Charles Murdoch – No Lungs [FREE WAV DOWNLOAD]


Crunchy yet smooth. A bit like when you finish a packet of crisps and stuff the edges in on themselves making a satisfying shiny ball.

Excuse the comparison with junk food, producer Charles Murdoch of Brisbane is far classier. Australia has proved it’s home to some of the best electronic producers on the planet – Seekae, Flume, Taku…

With his latest track out on Future Classic, and an EP due in July, Murdoch is well on his way to joining the Aussie a-team of software manipulators. No Lungs is one of those tracks that sets the mind wandering, lusting after flesh. Or perhaps that’s just my hot-blooded view (Murdoch is rather hot after all). You might just want to have a little dance. It’s available as a free download so you can perv or dance at your leisure.

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