Casper Zazz – Make Believe


The Californian climate makes you crave and appreciate music that sounds like summer. But today my California dreams take me back to Australia and the streets of Melbourne for my sunshine fix.

Three school kids going by the name of Casper Zazz have put this little ray of light together. No doubt their classroom buddies are crazy jealous because they’ve just proved they’re going places. And Make Believe, their debut track, sounds way too mature for a bunch of teenage boys! It’s about new relationships, which is why it has a magical quality – that intoxicating excitement you feel when you start to fall for someone. A magic that isn’t ageist…

Is it illegal/wrong to describe something as sexy as when it’s been created by a teenage boys and you’re a fully grown women? I hope not, ‘cos sexy is what this is. The liquid vocals of Josh Blashki carry the verse awash with temptation through to a sort-of chorus of glorious, cut-up, sampled, glitchiness. Minimal beats set at a tempo you can (slow) dance to, drink to, drive to – this is one of the go-to songs that will see you through many occasions that require subtle mood enhancers.

Packed full of sounds to make your skin prickle, your head nod and your groin twitch, Make Believe, is bound to get these newbies some attention. Add it to your collection with this free download.

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