Caitlin Park – Baby Teeth (Faux Pas Remix)


You can tell when you listen to Baby Teeth that it has a real story behind it, it’s layers and layers of sounds pieced together like chapters in a book or colours in a painting. The original, by Sydney girl Caitlin Park is classified as ‘Folktronica’ and in my mind sits somewhere on the shelf between the  dusty records and rustic biscuit tins at your local vintage store.

Teaming up with Faux Pas, aka Tim Shiel, a Melbourne based electronic artist nudges the track into the sphere of ‘Dramatic House’.  With the addition of an infectious bass line and peppered with perfectly queued samples of classical instruments; piano keys, flute and saxophone the result is even more complex but nonetheless dignified. It may look and sound like an excerpt from Frankie magazine but the young duo bring an upbeat sophistication and eclectic innovation to Australian house music.

Caitlin Park has recently released her EP, Milk Annual, which you can download here. Also, you can support the growth of the Australian ‘Dramatic House’ sound by downloading more Faux Pas remixes here.

Words – The Other Jess

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