Brolin Live in London

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Brolin hides behind a mask but certainly isn’t shy.

Last night he played his first London show at The Ace Hotel to a surprisingly small crowd, which he heckled and interacted with the balls of a stand-up comic. With a modest stage set-up consisting of him on the mic and a drummer, he dazzled the super-fan crowd with unfaltering vocals and honesty.

Brolin is a very likeable northerner who has been on the scene for a little over two years. He joked that last night’s crowd was the most polite he’d ever experienced. He handed the mic to girl so she could ask the crowd to move closer (why do people always shy away from the front of the stage when they’re not the ones performing?) which she did like she’d been to finishing school.  I imagine in his hometown of Leeds (I think that’s the right the side of the Pennines) he packs venues, spreading smiles and uniting strangers, causing more of a riot. But the time he played his 2014 single Swim Deep, we were all dancing, lost in ourselves.

Why The Ace Hotel wasn’t rammed last night I just don’t know. If Brolin continues to make music with the sincerity and beauty of Swim Deep he will surely find himself playing to sold-out crowds in London.


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