Bonobo – Heaven For The Sinner Feat. Erykah Badu


Fans of horizontal music will know that Bonobo has a new album coming out on March 29. This is the first (and exquisite) single from the album featuring legendary songstress and Queen of soul, Erykah Badu, due out on Ninja Tune.

I suggest you go buy yourself a hammock, some wind chimes, set them up on a balcony over looking the sea and get parallel. Heaven For The Sinner, pirouettes between dance floors of neo-soul and glitch, a garden fairy darting from flower to flower. Bonobo’s signature style glides along effortlessly, while Badu’s voice dances on top, caressing the blips and staggered drums; a flawless union. Like an orchard of gentle wind chimes in autumn, it sounds golden, sparkly, with flecks of light catching the eye, like diamonds among the scattered apples. If this is what heaven for the sinner sounds like, I’m going to get me criminal record.

Pre-oreder The North Borders here. Check out the video for Cirrus while you’re at it.



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