Black Light Dinner Party – We Are Golden


Two years into my relationship with Black Light Dinner Party, I’m still in the dark as to who they hell they are. I stumbled across them as you do secret bars down dark city alley ways.  Drink cocktails all night, have a ball, kiss a stranger and wake up the next morning with a fuzzy head, unable to remember exactly where the bar was.

BLDP have finished their album (hurrah!) but there is not yet a title, let alone a release date (boo). A mysterious email from a stranger informs me that there’s soon to be an East Coast (US) tour, and that numerous labels have been chasing this group of New Yorkers. But since BLDP never seem to be in a rush, we might have to be patient. Dang.

While you wait, take a trip on the psychedelic carousel, that is their new single, spinning its way through outer-synth-space and beyond.  Taking the front seat of the earworm spaceship, We Are Golden, comes with a crazy animated film clip destined to make Ren & Stimpy jealous – 3 years in the making (see earlier comment about being in no rush). Worth the wait and trippy to the point of needing a valium prescription, I hope it’s an indiction of the tone of the forthcoming album.

Black Light Dinner Party have always had a double-rainbow sound, and this album promises so much more just an abundance of gold.


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