Baths – Miasma Sky


I’ve been obsessed with Baths long before I saw him play live last year; Cerulean will always be a favourite album. He’s such a jolly fellow. I imagine he’s one of those exceptionally smiley folk who bring an intoxicating energy to the table, and dance ridiculously at parties.

Anyways, Baths has a new album, Obsidian due on on May 28, which is a damn good reason to wish the time away. The gorgeous Miasma Sky, is the first taste of it. Just as you would expect, the track is as danceable as it is soothing. Bleepy, bouncy and contemplative, Baths’ electronic adventures always sound introspective – but in an inviting way.  His cathartic lyrics coupled with the weirdness of the way he uses his mac, are a compelling reason to never press stop.

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