Atoms For Peace – Judge Jury and Executioner


Let’s all hail Thom Yorke again. I’m down.

This new song from Atoms for Peace, a band Yorke formed to tour his solo record Eraser in 2009, is further testament to his infinite cool-as-fuck-ness. And if you need any other proof, just check out his Modeselektor or PJ Harvey collaborations and shut the hell up. Woah, aggressive! Well, such is the passion of a TY fan.

Judge Jury and Executioner is a percussion and bass (thanks Flea) driven track that sweeps you into its atmospheric up-tempo beats. As is signature with this Radiohead frontman’s work, it also takes you on a few unexpected turns as it twists and fades into itself, within what could be assumed as a familiar overall sound, leaving you satisfied and excited in equal measure.

And it’s not just the percussion that achieves this. It’s like the main vocal line is walking through the eerie world of Thom’s own backing vocals, perhaps in a vast hall where everything is followed but nothing is grasped.

‘Atoms is an ongoing and open ended project,’ said Yorke on Radiohead’s website, ‘where it leads I know not for certain’.

We don’t either, but please take us there.

Atoms for Peace’s debut record Amok is available on February 22nd.

Words by Katie Mayors

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