Amtrac – Those Days


Amtrac dons his sequinned short shorts and carefully straddles the fine line between dance, house and disco with the release of his track Those Days. And what a seamless straddle it is.  Those Days is a delightful fusion of big bass lines, uplifting vocals and subtle synths which loop and layer progressively right up til the tight finale.

The young Kentucky based whippersnapper, Caleb Cornett, flirts with his audience through the continuously echoing vocals …”why do these days end?” he teases, and with this he sends the sweaty dancing mass beneath him into a glistening euphoria. With such an intoxicatingly catchy sound I’m predicting that Amtrac will have a significant presence on every sparkling dance floor in town this summer.

Download Those Days and 3 glorious remixes here, add lashings of glitter and gyrate for days!

-Words by The Other Jess

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