Allure – You and Your Girl


Mettez ceci sur la répétition! The French make electro-disco like no other. A tried and trusted family recipe that’s been passed through generations. The spotlight is on the grandfathers Daft Punk, this week as we heard the first snippets of their 4th studio album. But I thought it would be nice to take a listen to another similar artist who had balls big enough to release his second album, Reunions, while all this Punkism is going down. Balls or ego? Brave or arrogant?  Either way I much prefer the sound of Allure to the stuff Daft Punk have put out this week.

This shit makes me wanna wear lip stick, and I am not a lip stick kind of girl! Grab a handbag, preferably a sparkly one that leaves a trail of glitter, give it pride of place in the middle of the floor and dance, dance, dance! There’s always going to be an element of fromage when we’re talking disco, but You And Your Girl isn’t the spreadable kind, so it’s all good . Throw in a bit of sex with Midnight, and I’m sold on Allure.

Buy Reunionshere.


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