Active Child – Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix)


You’d have to be one brave soul to remix an Active Child track. Johnny Belinda in it’s untouched form is about as close to Gospel Indie as you can get without finding yourself kneeling on a pew. The vocals are harrowing, riddled with a desperation that pokes holes in your soul and a harp is plucked and strummed so sweetly throughout it practically drips gold. That it would work as an evolution into a track that is interestingly classified as ‘Gospel Electronica’ is a colossal sized shock.

White Arrows are a California based band typically known for their Indie Pop-rock tunes but they’ve managed to mould Johnny Belinda into a light hearted electronic affair. Whilst the original sounds like its circling the golden gates of heaven the remix is a little more contemporary, supple and edgy. Angelic choir-esque vocals are replaced by glitchy, simplified vocals and an infectious underlying synth heavy beat gives it an almost dancey feel. The overall depth of the original isn’t compromised though and the remix still exudes its atmospheric glow.

You can download the remix for free here or, alternatively, Active Child’s full length album here.

Words – The Other Jess

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