Oliver Tank – Slow Motion Music EP

Oliver Tank Slow Motion

With some music you press play and you hear riffs and beats and your feet tap or you dance so it pleases you and you smile.

But then there is music that you enter into.

Where you are but a little ear in a galaxy of sound that expands outwards at first listen.

And as you enter into Slow Motion Music through the opening track Stay, you emerge inside one of those time-lapse videos where the afternoon suns fades over mountain peaks just in time for shooting stars to dive over and disappear behind them. As the sounds dart and drip through this open-air amphitheater, we are introduced to timid young lovers who take it in turns to plead delicately “stay with me tonight”. And this huge universe and this tiny intimacy should be confusing but is somehow harmonious. It’s almost like they are using their little love-filled heartbeats to reflect a star-scattered sky back on itself.

The second track You Never Know keeps pace with the opener and soars in its own way, but introduces vocals by what it says is Hayden Calnin, but I’m pretty sure that’s a typo and it meant to say Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver). The underlying guitar-like synth adds some dirt that grounds the track, which the following song Time Slows Down When You Walk Into The Room lifts away again, opting for a Floyd-esque solo line instead (and I’m not going to mention which album because there has probably been way too much night-time sky imagery in this review already).

Different Speed, featuring Repeat Button favourite Ta-ku, does exactly as promised and ups the tempo, which this EP as a whole demonstrates that Tank has great control over. There is certainly cohesion throughout, while the individual sounds dance in varied cadence.  Her (featuring Stumbleine) is a lovely example of this, the dreamy pace interspersed with unexpected but alluring beats.

Slow Motion Music is a beautiful achievement by 23 year-old Sydney-sider Oliver Tank. He recently toured as support act for Lourde, and you can catch him at the Meredith and Falls Festivals this month, or on his upcoming February headline tour.

Slow Motion Music is out now via Create/Control.

Words by Katie Mayors

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