Oliver Tank – Drop it Like its Beautiful


By all means this should not work. But just like in life, where the premise of ‘opposites attract’ constantly surprises us with its acute accuracy, Oliver Tank has brought the captivating differences of 3 tracks together to a musical plane and allowed them to twinkle brilliantly, worlds apart from each other, before they intertwine in a gorgeous mess of sound and depth. The well known lyrics of Snoog Dogg’s tracks Beautiful and Drop it Like its Hot are laid gracefully over the top of Tank’s ambient, minimalist signature sound, plunging the usually energetic hip hop beats into hazy ambiguity.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Oliver Tank is a young Sydney based producer who is well known for his overt veracity, intensity and individuality in his producing.

Tank’s debut EP Dreams has been on high rotation everywhere since its release in 2012, but while we patiently await his next these remixes certainly help keep us simultaneously soothed and infatuated by him.

Words – The Other Jess


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