Naysayer & Gilsun – In Mind (ft. Simon Lam)


Hearing In Mind is like looking into droplets of water in the sun, the light splits then melts together mirroring fragments of the surrounds; luscious golden dripping canopies, swirling acid toned colours and prancing, happy shadows.

Naysayer & Gilsun are two lads from Melbourne who draw on influences from both musical and audiovisual media to create a sort of patchwork quilt of sound, colour and light that they present as an overall experience to audiences via various channels. This approach translates to their music production as they layer various elements of electronica, minimal and chill.  In Mind features the deep, marbled vocals of Simon Lam (of Melbourne based band I’ll’s) which bend in and out of the wavering electronic beats and join the dots between the fuzzy minimal tones and deeper dub-esque moments.

Despite the fact that this deeper, darker side of Electronica is relatively young and unexplored within Australia, Naysayer & Gilsun, with In Mind have successfully created a track which is  not only innovative to the Aussie music scene but also undeniably refined and eloquent at the same time.

The boys are gracing Sydney with their presence at Field Day2013 and I feel like its a pretty apt union. With Field Day being an annual New Year’s Day event it’s safe to say that there’ll be more than a few spinning heads floating ’round. Fortunately the event is held in the picturesque setting of the Domain; a lush, square of nature tucked away in the City which is perfect for a bit of canopy gazing. Get yourself a ticket, reserve a patch of grass and get buzzy to tunes so blissful that they’ll make you levitate.

Download In Mind via Bossman Records here.

Words – The Other Jess


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