MAU – Cheetah


Sometimes, I become so hypnotised by a track that my ears morph into bunnies. Like right now, they’re trapped in the colourful spectrum of the MAU spaceship’s headlights. Opening with shards of glass synths and kaleidoscope patterns echoing around a deep moon crater, their latest track, Cheetah takes dream-pop into orbit.  Heavily filtered vocals sit hazily, lazily on top, no gravity to pull them in. They claim they’re from Portugal and Denmark, but they sound like they’re from another galaxy.  I’m pretty sure they make crop circles in their spare time. They have an album coming next year, but for now download Cheetah for free and experience zero gravity in the safety of your own home.

2 Responses to “MAU – Cheetah”

  1. :) says:

    nunca me desiludem! :D

  2. Katie Mayors says:

    I’m pretty sure they make crop circles in their sleep. Ha. Love it!

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