M▲T▲S – Cañaviuda


Cañaviuda is perfect Sunday music. The kind of track you can listen to while rolling a cigarette and nursing a hangover or lounging around at home after being trapped indoors by the rain. Either way it has some definite healing powers.

M▲T▲S, aka Ben Kruse, is a relatively unknown artist hailing from Bolivia and now residing in the Big Apple. His Spanish roots together with  influences from New York amalgamate for a unique blend of fucking-good-music. He has pumped this track full of Latin future garage, liquid goodness which I assure you is tasty delicious. Drink it down.

Cañaviuda is the opening track to Outsourced Compilation Vol 7 under the Outlier Recordings Label  which is available for purchase for as little as a dollar. Download here, via Bandcamp.

Words – Connor Mackay

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