Keep Shelly In Athens – Recollection

keep shelly in athens

If the world’s most perfect desert island had a soundtrack…

Recollection is a gorgeous sun drenched number which encapsulates everything Keep Shelly In Athens have been telling us these past 2 years; they hold the key to dream pop. This is the first single from the duo’s first LP, At Home, due on September 17 via Cascine.

Dreamy vocals cast the net on Recollection and set the tone for the following 4 minutes of musical bliss.  A magical glow surrounds the dreamy melody, like when you’ve been lying in the sun too long and your eye sight has the colour bleached out.

A simple beats pans out like an endless beach, while the melody effortlessly washes in and out. Sarah P’s nostalgic vocals drift over the top, a reflection of the sun beaming down on the balearic perfection of Recollection. Download here.

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