Justin Timberlake – My Love (BEΛR//FVCE Remix)


Isn’t it incredible, how in just a few months, a mixture of fantastic raw talent and an ear for brilliant samples and sounds can take an unknown artist to places he only dreamed of? This is the case for Belfast native, Ciaran, AKA Bear//Face. Heavily influenced by the seductive, chopped-and-screwed, electronic masterworks of Shlohmo, Bear//Face shifts pitches, slows vocal tracks, adds a plethora of ghostly, glitchy sounds and fiddles with 808 drums to the point of no recognition. This remix of one of Justin Timberlake’s most popular songs – My Love – brings to the table, a completely new take on the emotion and aesthetic of the original. It starts slow, brooding and mournful while bursting with energy and emotion into a heavy bass trap style tune at the chorus. A perfect song for post-party headaches, or a slow, sensual night. With sounds like these, its no wonder why Bear//Face is blowing up worldwide. Download Here.

Words – Nando

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