Junip – Line of Fire


After three long years Junip are back. Armed with heavy-hearted lyrical artillery and a kaleidoscope of intricate metaphors Line of Fire is the first teaser from the album. Sit down for this one, it’s a lot to absorb.

Without babbling on about the poetic genius that is Jose Gonzalez, I challenge you to understand exactly what is being said. Concentrate on every line. Let the soft autumn breeze of acoustics hidden amongst the haunting ripple of the Moag synth colour your imagination. Indulge your senses as the melody slowly saturates through the pouring and expanding lines of arrangement.

Line of Fire will feature on a self-title album due to be released in late April. The single is available for purchase from their website, plus you get a peek at the risque, slightly blasphemous sexual film clip for the song.


Words – Connor Mackay

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