Opiuo – Butternut Slap 3


Holy. Shit. Get me some god damn floor to fist IMMEDIATELY! Opiuo smashed it at Subsonic this weekend.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing this Melbournian-Kiwi live, add to the top of your bucket list. Think Pretty Lights, but with a twist of Southern Hempisphere.

His most recent EP is the third in a series called Butternut Slap; like a good ass-spanking during filthy sex, this is the kind of slap you’ll want to hear (and feel) again and again. Leaving a blood blister hand print on the buttocks of the willing, Opiuo takes filth-funk to another level. Staggered, jittery, glitchy, with more rhythmic bounce than big tits on a pogo stick, Opiuo’s sound hits you like an injection of adrenalin straight through the soul. Funkyassshit. If only all sex djs were this good.


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