Mute X Roleo – Monkey


Everybody loves a boy who’s good with their tongue.  Shit, what could be better than two boys with enough talent to lyrically fold their tongues around words and sounds alike?

Don’t answer that.

Sexual innuendo aside, Monkey is the first track from Mute X Roleo, a new collaborative project between Sydney based lads Mute MC and Roleo. An exploration of dynamism the track features Roleo’s token pastiche of eccentric sounds slapped with the feisty colloquialism of Mute MC. Aptly named Monkey, there’s an undeniable jungle vibe oozing from the track; clambering bass and heavy synths are splintered with a cheeky sharpness that, when, rolled in together sounds a bit like a snigger & growl dripping with swagger.

The debut album for Mute X Roleo is out under local Sydney label Big Village Records on May 10th.

 Words – The Other Jess

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