Suburban Dark – Skeletonne ft. Jeswon


Local duo Suburban Dark have strategically employed hybridity in the production of their recent release Second Front.  Simultaneously perpetuating and challenging the classic motifs of Aussie Hip Hop the album is subtley dark, flowing and charmingly uncomplex.

Sonically their music is divided into two. The minimal, sometimes ominous background tones form a blank canvas on which the swagger of the Big Village Records crew can unravel.  Featuring the talent of local artists Jeswon, P Smurf, Tuka, Rapaport, Ellesquire, Mute  and Mikoen (to name a few) the album benchmarks a shift of focus for the genre with an approach that allows for their appeal to broaden.

Skeletonne is the first single to be released from Second Front and has been warmly received due to its brazen honesty and duality; cleverly maintaing familiarity yet invoking a strong sense of innovativeness. Undeniably it’s packed with some pretty formidable rap but instead of choking audiences with over verbosity Skeletonne invites the listener to react introspectively, allowing the space to personally interact with, and, solidly connect with their music.

The official album launch for Second Front takes place on August 31st at Civic Underground. Buy tickets here.

Words – The Other Jess

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